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EXCEL Modeling: Projectiles
This activity models the behavior of projectiles released at an angle. Its purpose is to show the reader how the launch angle in degrees (q), the initial release velocity in m/sec (v), and the strength of gravity in m/sec2 (g) affect the projectile's range and height. Two graphs are displayed side-by-side to enable an easier comparison.

The first EXCEL sheet shown above can be modified manually by entering values into the highlighted yellow column. Those changes are automatically updated on the blue graph and reflected in the rebuilt equation shown below. This spreadsheet's operation does not require the enabling of macros.

To run the second EXCEL sheet you have to enable the use of macros to operate the sliders. The range for each slider has been optimized for supporting the spreadsheet's programming. Information on taking components of vectors and the physics behind determining the range of a projectile are found in the following lessons:
  1. Projectiles Released at an Angle
  2. Components of Vectors

C Colwell
B Richey

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