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Chalk it Up
Purpose: The purpose of this activity is to determine the number of the formula units of CaCO3 (chalk) that are deposited onto a chalk board.
  1. Carefully record the mass of a piece of chalk.
  2. Write your name of the chalkboard.
  3. Reweigh the chalk.
Data: Create your own data table here.
Data Analysis:
Show a word formula and sample calculation:
    1. Calculation the mass of chalk deposited onto the board.
    2. Convert grams of chalk CaCO3, to formula units.
Compile your data with that of 9 other classmates. Input into List 1 (L1) of the graphing calculator. Go to stat. Arrow over to calc. Select one variable. Select enter. Find the following:

    1. The mean () with the standard deviation (Sx)
    2. The range with minimums and maximums
    3. The median
  • What is chalk made of?
  • How does it form?
  • Why is there so much limestone in Florida?
  • Why can you pick up a piece of white limestone off the ground and write your name with it on a sidewalk?
  • How many formula units of CaCO3 are in one mole of CaCO3?
  • How much does one mole of CaCO3 weigh?
  • How many times would you have to write your name to use up 0.50 grams of chalk?

E Saylor

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