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Molarity Problems
  1. Give the formula for molarity.

  2. A molarity problem has given you the mass of the solute, in grams. What must be done to solve the problem?

    A molarity problem gives you the volume of the solution in mL. What must be done to solve the problem?

  3. Terms and Definitions:

    1. What is a solute?
    2. What is a solvent?
    3. What type of mixture is a solution, heterogeneous or homogeneous? Explain.
    4. You might recall the scene in the movie “Men in Black” where the alien/farmer asks his wife for sugar. Using the appropriate terms (solute, solvent, solution), describe how she gave him want he requested.

  1. 37.5 g of NaOH is dissolved in enough water to create 500. mL of solution. What is the molarity of the solution?

  2. How many grams of LiCl are needed to create 1.50 L of 2.50 M LiCl?

  3. What is the volume of solution (in mL) that will contain 0.50 mole of 3.0 M NaOH?

  4. How many grams of MgF2 are needed to prepare 250 mL of 1.50 M MgF2?

  5. How many moles of KNO3 are needed to create 500. mL of 6.0 M KNO3?

  6. What volume (in Liters) of 4.50 M HCl will contain 0.25 moles of HCl?

  7. A bottle is labeled “3.0 M HCl”. Another bottle is labeled “0.1 M HCl”. Which bottle contains the more concentrated acid? Tell how you would explain what the labels mean to someone who hadn’t taken chemistry.

E Saylor

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