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Precipitation Lab
Purpose: The purpose of this activity is to make 2.00 g of precipitate by combining two ionic compounds. You will need to find a double replacement reaction that produces a precipitate. The precipitate can be isolated by filtration.


  1. Choose two reactants from the list of chemicals. Write an equation for the reaction in words. Rewrite the equation using chemical symbols.  Balance the equation.

  2. Use a solubility table to determine whether the products are soluble or insoluble. Label soluble substances as (aq). Insoluble substances are labeled as solid (s).

  3. Use stoichiometry to determine how much of each reactant is needed to create 2.00 g of the insoluble product.

  4. Plan a procedure for creating and isolating 2.00 g of precipitate. You will have two class periods to complete the experiment. Be sure to conduct multiple trials to get as accurate a result as possible.


  • calcium acetate monohydrate
  • calcium chloride 
  • magnesium sulfate heptahydrate
  • potassium carbonate
  • sodium carbonate
  • zinc sulfate heptahydrate

Data Analysis: Be sure to show all calculations.

You and your partner will be given two class periods to write a formal lab report.

  1. Show the balanced chemical equation for the reaction you have chosen.

  2. Show both of the mass-mass problems.

  3. Calculate the % yield for each trial.

  4. Calculate the average yield.


  1. State your findings for each trial and report the average yield.

  2. Address the hypothesis. Was it valid?

  3. What errors could have occurred that would help explain your results?

  4. What improvements could be made to the experiment?

E Saylor

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