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Brick Mason

Brick masons build walls, arches, fireplaces, chimneys, partitions, and other structures. They commonly work with bricks, concrete blocks, structural tiles, stone, and prefabricated panels. A Brick Mason must be able to use these materials with hand tools and be able to mix the correct mortar to hold it all together. No one wants a leaning wall or a crooked fireplace so its important that a brick mason be able to construct straight and level structures. Blueprints and plumb rules are used during the layout of a project to make sure there are no mistakes. In order to read blueprints and construct the projects accurately a mason needs to know geometry and both SI (International System [of units]) and Imperial units. Accuracy is very important in this profession so a mason who does not have these skills will not make it very far. To begin a technical training program in this field you will need at least a GED or High School diploma. To be a Certified Brick Mason you have to complete a technical training program and an apprenticeship. Most Brick Masons make between $11 and $30 an hour (in 2000) and work for a contractor.

Image courtesy of the
Brick Industry Association

Image courtesy of the
Brick Industry Association

Image courtesy of the
Brick Industry Association

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