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Please do use those photo. An entry in your bibliography would be great.



Thanks for asking,




Gary Larson

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Hi Gary,


I have no problem with it if you don't.


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Hi Cathy,

I'm forwarding your request to staff who I believe developed the Web

page you mentioned and would know about any limitations we might be

bound by in use of the picture.  Gary or Bernadette, can you help Cathy

with this request?  Thanks.




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Subject: Permission to use your graphic



In April of 2003, Mainland High School received a state Enhancing


through Teaching with Technology (EETT) Grant. Our purpose is to design


develop an online, integrated math and science learning environment


AlgebraLAB. One component of the project involves creating a series of

occupational profiles that show students the connection between math and


science skills in real world careers.


As the program manager representing this grant we would like permission


use on our site the following graphic:





that we viewed at





We will link a bibliography entry back to your webpage.


Thank you for considering our request.

Cathy Colwell

Program Manager

Enhancing Education Through Technology

Mainland High School

Daytona Beach, FL  32114

(386) 258-4665




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