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Graphing Calculator: Oops, I did it again!

Troubleshooting for common TI-83 questions

Oh no!  I deleted a list:

  1. Press the STAT button
  2. Select 5:SetUpEditor
  3. Your home screen should read: SetUpEditor
  4. Press ENTER
  5. Once you get the message Done all 6 lists should reappear when you press STAT and select Edit, 1:Edit.

When I type numbers into my lists, they have decimals and 3 (or more or less) zeros.

  1. This happens when you use the CBR or play some games.
  2. Press the MODE button.
  3. On the second line, the word Float, rather than a number, should be highlighted.

My scatter plot won’t graph.  It says ERR:DIM MISMATCH

  1. First check to see that you have the same number of data entries in each list your are using for the scatter plot (use the STAT button).  If you do:
  2. Press 2nd then Y=(STAT PLOT) and make sure that:
    1. The stat plot you have turned On is using the lists that your data is stored in.
    2. No other Stat Plots are turned On.

I pressed GRAPH, but I don’t see all (or any of) my points:

  1. Press the 2nd then the Y=(STAT PLOT) button.  Make sure your Stat Plot is turned On (don’t feel silly, this is a really common mistake).  If it is:
  2. Press the WINDOW button and make sure that your Xmin and Ymin values are a little below the lowest values in your corresponding lists.  Make sure the Xmax and Ymax values are a little above the highest values in the corresponding lists.  The scale isn’t critical, but it should evenly divide up the axes between the min and max values.  Don’t mess with the Xres!

I pressed GRAPH, but I don’t see the axes:
  1. You’ve been playing games on your calculator again, haven’t you?
  2. Press the 2nd then the ZOOM (Format) button.  Every expression on the left should be highlighted.

C Adams
C Gulliksen

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