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Cause and Effect
Background Information
  1. One way for a writer to organize information.
  2. Pattern of writing to show results.
  3. Often found in science and social studies textbooks.
Teaching Tips
  1. Yes, you can teach reading skills! Remember that struggling readers need to practice these strategies daily, with the teacher demonstrating the strategy more than once. Even proficient readers may need to have the strategy demonstrated several times. Use your course texts and reading materials to consistently practice with students as they adopt the strategies as part of their thinking and reading process.

  2. Identifying the organizational patterns that exist can help students comprehend information at a faster rate and higher level.

  3. Cause/effect demonstrates how one event or series of events (the cause) brings about another event or series of events (the effect). Key words to look for are:
    Because, bring about, due to,
    Contributed to, the reason for, led to,
    Since, on account of, created by
    as a result of, consequently, hence, so,
    outcome, therefore, effect, thus, finally,
    for this reason, then

M Carr

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