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Chemistry: Mole-Mole Ratios

The coefficients (the numbers that precede a chemical formula) in a balanced equation indicate the mole ratio.

Example: A reaction uses 10.0 moles of O2. Predict how many moles of KClO3 will react.

General Questions

A reaction uses 15.0 moles of MgO. Predict how many moles of  O2 will react.

A reaction uses 4.00 moles of NaOH. Predict how many moles of  H2O   will react.

A reaction uses 150. moles of PbSO4. Predict how many moles of Al2(SO4)3 will react.

A reaction uses 0.250 moles of KCl. Predict how many moles of O2 will react.

A reaction uses 9.00 moles of Pb(NO3)2. Predict how many moles of Al(NO3)3 will react.

E Saylor

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