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Word Problem Exercises: Angles of Elevation #2

General Questions

A ramp is to be placed from a loading platform onto the back of a truck. The truck can get no closer than 3 feet to the platform. The truck bed is 1½ feet higher than the loading platform. Find the angle of elevation from the platform to the truck bed.

A jet is flying at an altitude of 30,000 feet. An air traffic controller measures the angle of elevation to the plane to be 16.5°. Find the horizontal distance of the plane from the airport.

A student is trying to calculate the height of a tree. She measures the shadow to be 15 yards long at 3:30 p.m. At this time the angle of elevation of the sun is approximately 68°. How tall is the tree?

You are driving along a flat road approaching some mountains. As you pass a sign that informs you that the mountain is 4 miles away, the angle of elevation to the highest peak you can see is 2.8°. Approximately how high is that peak? 

Scott went to Cape Canaveral to watch the space shuttle take off. The solid rocket boosters are ejected after the shuttle passes through the threshold of space. This is scheduled to occur when the shuttle reaches a height of 354,200 feet. If Scott is 10 miles from the launchpad, at what angle will he have to look up to see the boosters ejected?

Lakeside, Michigan has a city ordinance stating that business signs may be no more than 6 feet tall. Bill’s Boots erected a boot-shaped sign high above the ground. Having no ladder, the code enforcement officer measured the height of the sign by measuring the angles of elevation to the bottom and top of the sign. Standing 10 feet away from the base of the sign, he measured the angle to the bottom of the sign to be 68.2° and the angle to the top of the sign to be 72.3°. How tall is the sign? Is the sign within the code restrictions or not? 

K Dodd

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