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Word Problem Exercises: Linear Systems

General Questions

Next week your math teacher is giving a chapter test worth 100 points. The test will consist of 35 problems. Some problems are worth 2 points and some problems are worth 4 points. How many problems of each value are on the test?

You are selling tickets for a musical at your local community college.  Student tickets cost $5 and general admission tickets cost $8. If you sell 500 tickets and collect $3475, how many student tickets and how many general admission.

You just purchased a cellular phone and are trying to decide the best cellular phone company in which to give your business. When you contacted the Talks-A-Lot company, they were offering a monthly plan of $40 for 500 minutes and $0.25 for each minute over the 500 minutes. In the Sunday paper you see an ad for the ChatAway company, which offers a monthly plan of $35 for 500 minutes and $0.30 for each minute over the 500 minutes. How many minutes would you have to talk over the 500 minutes for the cost to be the same with both companies? What would be the equal cost?

G Redden

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