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Algebra I Recipe: Rates and Ratios
A. Rate
  1. The quotient of two quantities measured in different units.
  2. "a" per "b" = a/b
  3. It’s the speed at which something is happening such as miles per hour, meters per second, or words per minute.
You drive a distance of 250 miles and use 11 gallons of gas. What is the average miles per gallon of your car?
You get paid $20 for 4 hours of work. What is your hourly rate?
B. Ratio
  1. The quotient of two quantities measured in the same unit.
  2. "a" per "b" = a/b
  3. It’s used to show a comparison such as the ratio of boys to girls in a classroom.
A volleyball team won 10 of its 16 games. What is the win-loss ratio?
Mrs. Smith teaches in a classroom with a teacher’s aide and 32 students. What is the student-teacher ratio?

G Redden

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