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Story Lines

Previous Knowledge: Walking the line with the CBR and writing the equation of a line in point slope form.

Objective: Students will work in groups of three and will be able to write the equation of the line for each interval from a graph that they produce on the ranger. They will write a story to coincide with their graph. They will then swap with another group who will have to reproduce the graph from the story and find the equations of the line.

Materials: CBR, TI-83, and graph paper

Group Size: Three

  1. Students should walk off a graph using the CBR. They should have a minimum of 2 intervals with positive slopes, 2 intervals with negative slopes, and 1 interval with a zero slope.

  2. Students should copy the graph from their calculator window onto a sheet of graph paper.

  3. Students need to find the equation of the line for each interval and write the equations on the graph paper.

  4. Students should then write a story on a separate sheet of paper to match their graph. Students should be encouraged to be creative and accurate.

  5. Each group will swap stories with another group.

  6. Each group will read the new story and walk the line on the CBR.

  7. They will then copy the graph from the calculator onto a piece of graph paper and find the equation of the lines on each of the intervals and write the equations on the graph paper.

  8. When the groups are finished, they will check their results with the original group.

C Gulliksen
C Adams

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