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Construction and Building Inspector

To protect everyone, buildings, roads, sewers, damns, and bridges all have to meet codes established by the International Code Council (ICC). The job of Construction and Building Inspectors is to make sure that these codes are followed. Even before the groundbreaking of a project, the plans have to be approved. Then the site must be inspected before the foundation is poured, and then again afterwards. Throughout the building process the construction will be inspected many times. If a problem is found it is the job of the inspector to inform the supervisor. If the problem is not fixed in an appropriate amount of time the Inspector has the power to issue a "stop-work" order. Because so many peoples safety is in the hands of these inspectors, they are expected to know their field inside and out. First they have to have several years of experience as a construction manager, supervisor, or a craft worker. Most employers require at least a High School diploma or GED and they prefer people who have studied Architecture, Engineering, taken courses in Building Inspection, or have a degree in Building Inspection Technology. (Many community colleges offer a certificate or associates degree in Building Inspection Technology.) Some of the courses you can expect to take include Algebra, Geometry, Blueprint Reading, Drafting, and other Math courses. Some states may require certification and to advance in this field a degree in Architecture or Engineering is required. Most local governments employ a large number of inspectors with a salary of about $40,000 a year (in 2000) but they can also be employed by Architectural and Engineering firms or contract themselves out.

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