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Painters and Paperhangers

Painters and Paperhangers are responsible for repairing, preparing, and painting and papering surfaces. Specifically, painters must know which paint or finish is appropriate for each surface and how to apply it. Paperhangers need to know how to remove and put up paper, vinyl, and fabric. This involves measuring accurately, reading blueprints, checking for flaws, and lining up the materials properly. Typically they work 40 hours a week and can be self employed or work for someone else. (In 2000) most made between $8.00 and $23.00 an hour. The environment they work in varies with the project. Sometimes they work inside a building and other times the may be working high up on scaffolding. To become a painter or paperhanger you need to either do on the job training or complete an apprenticeship. An apprenticeship requires a High School diploma or a GED with courses in Mathematics. It lasts 3-4 years and is supplemented with 144 hours of classroom instruction each year. In the classes the apprentices learn how to read blueprints, color harmony, safety, and tool care.

Image used with permission of
Art Vision

Image courtesy of
International Union of Painters and Allied Trades

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US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics - Occupational Outlook Handbook  

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