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Real Estate Brokers And Sales Agents

Real Estate Brokers and Sales Agents sell property owned by others. Sales Agents usually work for a licensed Broker on a contract basis. Brokers arrange meetings between buyers and sellers, arrange financing from a lender for the buyer, manage their own offices, and advertise property. Brokers and Agents also have to look for properties to sell. After a homeowner signs a contract for the Agent or Broker to sell their house, they can show it to buying clients looking to purchase a home. They may help the homeowner decide on a market price and assist in price negotiations with the buyer. When assisting a buyer in finding a home, the Agents and Brokers need to know the area they are selling in so they can answer the buyers questions. To become a Real Estate Broker or Sales Agent you must be at least 18 years old and pass a written examination from the state. Recently, Real Estate Agencies that hire Brokers and Sales Agents have started hiring more graduates because the business is getting increasingly complex. If you were to major in Real Estate at the Florida State University you would have to take Micro and Macroeconomics, Statistics, Calculus for Nonphysical Sciences, and Financial and Managerial Accounting. The median annual earnings in 2000 for Sales agents was $27,640 and Brokers made $47,690. Sales Agents and Brokers can be paid by salary, commission, or both so their financial success depends on their career success.

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Jupiter Tequesta Juno Beach Chamber of Commerce

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