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Shipping and Receiving Clerk

Shipping and Receiving Clerks record, check and store materials that a company sends and receives. This is an entry level position and usually does not require more than a high school diploma but an applicant with courses or a degree in business or computers will have an advantage. Most of the training is done on-the-job after an employee has been hired. Business Math, Typing, filing, and record keeping skills are also a plus. Computers and automation are becoming more prevalent in this occupation because machines can do many operations faster and more efficiently than a person can. However, not all human jobs can be replaced with machines. Shipping and Receiving Clerks are still needed to check packages as they leave and when they arrive. Hand held scanners and computers are used to keep records of shipments and corrections and parcels can now be weighed and counted by machines, but the Shipping Clerk must be able to understand the information the machines record. Shipping Clerks also need to be able to weigh packages, look up and determine shipping rates, and prepare invoices. In 2000 the average Shipping and Receiving Clerk made $10.52 an hour.

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