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Sprinkler Installer

Most businesses have a sprinkler system and all of them must be inspected and maintained. Sprinkler System Installers plan, test, repair, and install water, carbon dioxide, chemical, and foam fire protection systems. To become a certified sprinkler system installer you must pass an examination and complete an apprenticeship. Once you become one you might also have to take yearly courses to keep up to date on new information available in your field. (In 2000) most Sprinkler Installers earned between $24 and $30 an hour. An installer can work for another company or be self employed, and business math is essential for this job. They may be in charge of purchasing and scheduling that requires basic arithmetic. On a more difficult level, trigonometry is also needed. An installer must be able to install sprinkler heads with a fixed spray angle in the right position to cover the appropriate area. This becomes even more complicated when you have to determine if the sprinkler can reach to the opposite side of obstacles and still provide enough coverage. Equipment and blueprints are labeled in SI (International System [of units]) and Imperial units and an installer needs to be able to read, convert, and measure in both. When setting up a system, the volume required to fill all the pipes must be determined and meet the strict standards of the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association). An installer must also be able to take pressure readings to diagnose a leaky system.

Image courtesy of
San Miguel Fire District

Image used with permission from
Armstrong Priestly

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