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System Analyst

System Analysts help companies solve computer problems, maximize their benefits from buying computer equipment and hiring personnel, and planning and implementing new computer systems. They need to know how to utilize techniques like structured analysis, data modeling, information engineering, mathematical model building, sampling, and cost accounting. To become a System Analyst you should earn a bachelors degree in Computer Science. If you were to complete the University of Central Florida's Computer Science program you would be required to take Calculus with Analytical Geometry I and II, Statistical Methods, Physics for Engineers and Scientists I and II, and Discrete Structures I and II. In 2000 most System Analysts earned between $46,980 and $73,210 a year and worked for data processing services, the government, manufacturers of electronic equipment, insurance companies, financial institutions, and universities.

Image courtesy of Hubbel, Roth, and Clark, Inc.

Image used with permission of BCC News

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