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TV and Radio Announcer

Television and Radio Announcers announce station program information, read prepared scripts and improvise when doing presentations on the air, provide commentary on events, interview guests, arbitrate groups, and even make promotional appearances for their station. Some jobs, like being a news reporter, require the announcer to do research and writing for a piece. Some of the specializations in this field are a disk jockey, news casters or anchors, and show hosts. Because there are many more people wanting to enter this field than there are job openings, the competition for these positions is stiff. A college degree in broadcasting will help you get your foot in the door. After you have been hired by a company you would start as a researcher or production assistant. Then if you showed that you were competent and there was an opening, you might be moved to an announcer position. Daytona Beach Community College offers an Associates Degree in Digital Television and Media Production. If you were to complete their program, some of the classes you would be required to take include Intermediate Algebra, Digital Imaging Fundamentals, and College Composition. The median hourly earnings of TV and Radio Announcers in 2000 was $9.52 an hour.

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US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics - Occupational Outlook Handbook

Daytona Beach Community College

Daytona Beach Community College - Digital Television and Media Production Program

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