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Urban and Regional Planners (City Planner)

City Planners assist or make decisions on the land use, resource conservation and management, layout, improvements, and construction of cities. Most are employed by local governments and (in 2000) earn anywhere from $30,000 to $70,000 a year. Along with helping to plan changes in their area, City Planners may also be responsible for drafting legislation. To get an entry level job you will need at least a Masters degree in Urban or Regional Planning, Urban Design, or something similar. A Masters is required for advancement and courses like Architecture, Law, Economics, Finance, Earth Sciences, Demography, Health Administration, Geographic Information Systems, and Management would be helpful. To perform their job efficiently they need to know a little about everything because they deal with such a wide range of situations.

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GLF Construction Corporation

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US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics - Occupational Outlook Handbook  

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