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Word Problem Exercises: Linear Equations

General Questions

Kim and Cyndi are starting a business tutoring students in math. They rent an office for $400 per month and charge $40 per hour per student.  If they have 15 students each for one hour per week how much profit do they make together in a month? (assume 4 weeks per month)

Glenna wants to rent a car for a trip to Key West for one week.  She calls two car rental companies to get prices. Mr. Kotter’s Rentals rents a Cadillac Escalade for $99 for one week plus $0.11 per mile over 100 miles. Barbarino’s Rentals has the same vehicle for $75 per week and $0.15 per mile over 150 miles. If it is 432 miles to Key West, which company has the better deal? How many miles would Glenna drive before she would be spending the same amount at either company?

John is starting a roofing business. He will need to buy a truck and some supplies to get his business going. The truck costs $13000 used. He gets three jobs right away. And hires 2 workers to help him. The materials for all three jobs cost $3000. The jobs will each take a week not including Saturday and Sunday and he pays his workers $125 per day per worker. How much will he have to charge for each job in order to break even at the end of the third job? 

Cellular phone companies often package their products to make them more attractive to potential users. If you average 356 minutes per month in talk time, which package is the better deal.
Package A includes a free phone and 300 minutes. It will cost 0.12 per minute for each minute over the plan time. Package A has a base rate of $39.95.
Package B has a phone that costs $10 and has 350 minutes of time and 0.08 per minute for each minute over the plan time. Package B has a base rate of $35.95 not including the phone. 

Many counties in Florida missed many school days in the fall of 2004 due to hurricanes that year. A solution for how to make up those days was to add time to each school day for a portion of the year. It was decided that in order to make up a 6 hour school day, 10 minutes would be added to each day. How many extended days would be needed to make up 3 school days? 

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