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Word Problem Exercises: Mean Median and Mode

Question Group #1
Directions and/or Common Information: In the small city of Port Glenn, FL, there  is a population of 250 people.  150 of those people are adults and one of those is a multimillionaire who makes 8 million dollars a year. The mean annual salary in Port Glenn is $100,020.

Is it fair to say this is the typical average annual salary for everyone in the town?

What is the mean annual salary for the other 149 adults in the town?

Question Group #2
Directions and/or Common Information: ISM is a small computer company employing 225 employees. The employees enjoy a two week vacation each year and select a different two week block of time for their vacations. At the end of a particular year, 175 employees had traveled a total of 212,000 miles of which one employee had traveled 3200 miles while on vacation.

What is the average number of miles the employees traveled while on vacation?

Is it fair to say this is the typical average mileage each employee drove?

What is the average mileage the other 174 employees drove?

Question Group #3
Directions and/or Common Information: Matthew is a member of the Rams basketball team. After 20 games played, Matthew is averaging 23.7 points per game.

How many points has Matthew scored?

What is the minimal points Matthew must score to keep his 27 point average?

S Bay
K Holland

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