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Word Problem Exercises: Using Ratios - Areas and Volumes

General Questions

The area of a yard is 15,000 ft. If the ratio of the length to the width of the yard is 3:2, what are the dimensions of the yard?

The volume of a pool is 1728 ft.  If the ratio of the length to the width to the depth is 4:2:1, what are the dimensions of the pool?

A 20 foot ladder is leaning against a building. If the ratio of the base of the ladder's distance from the building to its top's height from the ground is 3:4, find how high the top of the ladder is from the ground

The area of a trapezoid is 360 in. If the ration of the bases to the height is 6:10:5, find the dimensions of the trapezoid.

S Bay
K Holland

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