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Word Problem Exercises: Volume of a Prism

General Questions

Trailers that travel on the road behind trucks are rectangular prisms. A typical height for the inside of these trailers is 108 inches. If the trailer is 8 ft wide and 20 ft long, what is the volume of the trailer?

A jumbo hopper barge is basically a rectangular prism used to transport bulk items on the river systems of this country. It is 100 feet long, 30 feet wide, and 14 feet deep. They can only be loaded to a depth of 12 feet since there has to be some percentage of the barge above the water. How many trailers described in the previous problem would be needed to match the same volume of a jumbo hopper barge?

A shipping company wants to ship its boxes in a trailer like the one described in the first problem. The boxes have dimensions of 2 feet by 5 feet by 3 feet which can also be written as: 2 ft x 5 ft x 3 ft. How many of these boxes can fit in the trailer if they have to be stacked so that the bottom of each box measures 3 ft x 5 ft?

What is the volume of space left "over" after the trailer in the previous question has been loaded?

A wooden wedge is used to prop open a door. The wedge is a right triangular solid that is 8 cm long, 6 cm high (those are the measures of the legs of the triangle) and has a depth of 2 cm. It is wedged under a door that has 3 cm clearance between the bottom of the door and the floor. What percent of the volume of the wedge is under the door?

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