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Word Problem Exercises: Special Right Triangles

General Questions

Grain elevators are conveyor belts used throughout the Midwest to take produce, like wheat, to the top of a silo for storage. How long would the belt of a grain elevator need to be if the bottom is 50 feet from the base of a silo that is 50 feet high? Round your answer to the nearest tenth. 

One of the most amazing things that happens in nature is the ability of bees to make a honeycomb. Each cell of the honeycomb is a regular hexagon. If the side of one of these honeycomb cells is 2 millimeters, then what is its area? Round your answer to the nearest tenth. Use the equation A = ½ap for the area of the regular polygon.

Math often shows up in sports in ways that we don’t realize. Take for example the baseball diamond. It is actually a square with the bases set at 90º angles. If the bases are 90 feet apart, how far is it from home plate to second base? Round to the nearest tenth. 

In sailing, it is not possible to head straight into the wind. In order to get upwind, a sailboat simply sails at an angle to the wind and then turns to sail back toward where it wants to go. Assume that a boat needs to get directly upwind 6000 m. If it sails off at a 45º angle to the wind and then turns back 90º towards the original goal, how far would it have to sail to get directly upwind 6000 meters? Round your answer to the nearest tenth. 

Roof trusses often use right triangles to make a flimsy 2 x 4 more rigid to hold up the weight of the roof. If a house is 40 feet wide and the roof is an isosceles triangle with base angles of 30, how far is it from the bottom edge of the roof to the peak? Round your answer to the nearest tenth. 

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