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Algebra I Recipe: Translating Verbal Phrases into Algebraic Expressions OR Translating English into Math
A. Words that indicate multiplication:
1. product
2. times
3. multiplied by
4. of
5. twice
The product of 9 and a number
10 times a number
A number multiplied by 3
One fourth of a number
Twice a number
B. Words that indicate division:
1. quotient
2. divided by
The quotient of a number and 6
7 divided by a number
C. Words that indicate addition:
1. sum
2. more than
3. plus
4. increased by
The sum of 6 and a number
8 more than a number
A number plus 5
A number increased by 7
D. Words that indicate subtraction:
1. difference
2. less than
3. minus
4. decreased by
The difference between 5 and a number
4 less than a number
7 minus a number
A number decreased by 9
E. Translating sentences into an equation or inequality.
The sum of a number and 12 is 16.
The quotient of 15 and a number x is less than 3.
The product of 5 and a number x is 25.
10 times a number x is greater than or equal to 50.

G Redden

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