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Algebra I Recipe: Multiplying Polynomials: Two Special Cases
A. Squaring a Binomial (a + b)2 = (a + b)(a + b)
  1. Square the first term. (1st term of answer)
  2. Multiply the two terms then double. (2nd term of answer)
  3. Square the last term. (3rd term of answer)
(4x – 12)2

(-6x + 2)2

(3x – 2)2

B. Multiplying Two Binomials with Identical Terms in the Form (a + b)(a - b)
  1. Multiply the two first terms.
  2. Multiply the two last terms.
  3. There is no middle term because the product of the inside and outside terms cancel.
(2x + 5) (2x – 5)

(x + 9) (x - 9)

(x2 + 3) (x2 – 3)

G Redden

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